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This page archives comments by Bruce Cockburn on the International Monitory Fund and international aid in general.

  • September-October 1994 - Commenting upon the effects of the IMF upon the undeveloped nations he fears that recent "free trade agreements" are doing the same to Canada

    "It has been held out as this great panacea, everyone will all of a sudden have a job and unlimited access to American markets. Of course, it isn't working out that way; a lot of people are losing their jobs."
    -- from "Straight to the Heart, Bruce Cockburn's songs of subversion", by David Batstone, Sojourners Magazine, September-October 1994.

  • 14 March 2000 - On the IMF passing unhealthy projects through corrupt officials

    OJ: Yes, and there's often IMF money pointing towards certain projects that may not be the best for the environment.

    BC: That's right. And its all that, you know, "We'll give you the money if you do this program and that program." And governments will go, "Well, we don't really want to do that, but okay, because we want to keep the money flowing," and sometimes the governments in certain countries don't... I don't think this is quite true of Mali, but in some places you go the governments don't really care that much what happens to the country anyway. They're really interested in expanding their Swiss or Miami bank accounts. You know, that's what its all about.
    -- from "Mostly Manding," WERU-FM in Blue Hill, Maine, interviewed by Ousman Jobarteh, 14 March 2000.

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