Bruce Cockburn & Toronto: A Historical Tour

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(#11) Performance Venues in Toronto: The Riverboat

Located at 134 Yorkville, The Riverboat was the premier folkclub of the Yorkville of the 1960's. It was owned by Bernie Fiedler who opened it's doors in December of 1964. A very intimate venue with only 120 seats, dimly lit and with a tiny stage, the cream of the musician crop played there, including Bruce- and Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot, John Lee Hooker, Tim Buckley, plus many more.

The club outlasted the peak of the Yorkville scene and finally closed its doors in 1978. It's now a sports collectibles store called Sportsmint. See Barry Wright's article "My Alley Becomes A Cathedral" in the December 1996 issue of Gavin's Woodpile for a feeling of what the Riverboat and seeing Bruce perform there was like. [ This article is now available HERE.~Barry Wright

You'll notice in the album credits on some of Bruce's early albums that he was managed by the "Finkelstein Fiedler Co.". This is due to the fact that, until 1982, Bernie Fiedler was also Bernie Finkelstein's business partner in the management company that is now solely Finkelstein's. He has his own management company now called B.C. Fiedler Management.

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