---14 February 1981 --

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DATE: 14 February 1981
LOCATION: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
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Submitted by Sheila Beaupre:

Strange things happen.

I blew into town (Saskatoon) on business and called my old roomy for a visit.  She informed me that she and her boyfriend were going to the Bruce Cockburn concert that night and it was sold out, so I was out of luck and would have to entertain myself while they went to the concert.  It was suggested that I go down to the auditorium and see if I could find any scalper tickets, and so I did.  We all three (my friend, her friend and I) arrive and her boyfriend pointed out someone to me whom he thought was trying to sell tickets and then they proceeded into the hall.  I approached this person and he was selling one extra ticket for the face price.  I purchased the ticket and proceeded to my seat, and lo and behold when I get there, there are my friends, my seat is right beside theirs.  It gets better.  Along comes an usher and tells my friends that they will have to leave because the cheque that he used to pay for the tickets was NSF.  This was before the days of credit cards, debit cards etc.  The two of them between them didn't have the cash to pay for the ticket, but I having been traveling had cash and paid for their tickets and they were allowed to stay.

The concert was one of the best ever, of course the vibes were pretty good by then.  During the concert, Bruce announced that they had just heard that some music legend had died (I wish I could remember the name) and that they were going to do a song in remembrance.  During the song, some of the roadies came on stage and sang along.

After the concert, my friend and I decided to go to the Bessborough Hotel for a drink and as we were sitting there we noticed a fellow come in who looked familiar.  It was one of the roadies that had come on stage during the one song they played for the person who had died.  I piped up "heh, didn't I see you on stage with Bruce Cockburn tonight?"  He says yes, proceeds to introduce himself explaining that he was driving the bus and that because he was a musician himself he came on stage to sing the memorial.  Then another roadie came along and then the whole band came in (Bruce and Hugh Marsh included) and we had some drinks and a partied till late. 

I don't know where the energy came from but the stars were aligned that night.  My friend and I often recall this night and wonder.



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