Naturally those of us working on the Project need help all the help we can get to build this website and make it an effective resource to understanding and promoting the songs and music of Bruce Cockburn.

Anyone who can help with this task is welcomed to do so. Here are some of the things we are looking for:

  1. Cockburn's comments
  2. These represent the core of this website. Comments must be attributable to Bruce Cockburn (i.e. only things he said, not things said about Cockburn by others) on his songs, albums, and other issues. This would include parts of TV, radio, newspaper, and magazine interviews; introductions to songs given during concerts; comments made during speeches, and so on.

    Browse the three sections above, or search the entire site from the homepage, to see if the comments you wish to submit are already listed. If not, please submit them. For all comment submissions, please include:

If you have any submissions for this section, please send them via e-mail: Please feel free to e-mail entire articles if you want us to take care of the often tricky process of working out which part goes where.

  1. Feature articles
  2. Explore the news archive on this website for an idea of what we are looking for. News articles are featured on the front page of the site before and remain in the archive permanently. Please get in touch with the Project Editor to discuss your idea before submitting feature articles.

  3. Setlists & concert reviews
  4. Submit setlists, your comments on live performances, images from concerts, and any information you have about archive recordings to the editor of the setlists archive. E-mail all material to via

  5. Images
  6. Photographs & setlist scans are always needed to illustrate articles and related parts of the site. Again, please get in touch with the Project Editor with details of your images before submitting them.

  7. Guitar tabs, chords & tunings
  8. Explore the For Musicians section of this website to see if we are short any, and e-mail the For Musicians Editor via for more information.

  9. Section Editors
  10. Yes, sections are being farmed out. You'll need to demonstrate some sort of commitment and previous experience. All of the current editors were regularly involved with submissions to the Project before they became editors. Interested? Get in touch with the Project Editor.

  11. Cartoonists!
  12. Yep, we're trying to start filling out the humour section. We've got plenty of ideas but no one here could draw if their lives depended on it. Get in touch with the Project Editor.

  13. Web designers/Webmasters
  14. Have you experience in maintaining or designing websites? Can do you cool stuff with Macromedia Flash? How about CGI or databases? Volunteers are sought to build the coolest Cockburn site on the net! Get in touch with the Project Editor.

  15. Technology-related donations
  16. A RealAudio/Video-enabled webserver would be cool. Can you help? Do you have one sitting around somewhere? :-) Get in touch with the Project Editor.

All information contributions of all kinds are voluntary, but are fully credited. Questions? Talk to us.

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This page is part of The Cockburn Project, a unique website that exists to document the work of Canadian singer-songwriter and musician Bruce Cockburn. The Project archives self-commentary by Cockburn on his songs and music, and supplements this core part of the website with news, tour dates, and other current information.