---August 1982 --

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DATE: August 1982, exact date unknown
VENUE/SHOW: Festival Theatre
LOCATION: Stratford, Ontario, Canada

SETLIST (incomplete)

  • And We Dance
  • Wondering Where The Lions Are
  • The Trouble With Normal
  • Hoop Dancer
  • Broken Wheel
  • Tokyo
  • How I Spent My Fall Vacation
  • Grim Travellers
  • Rumours Of Glory
  • Fascist Architecture
  • All The Diamonds


    Submitted by Matthew Brown:

    I became a fan in 1980 when a musician friend played and sang Wondering Where the Lions Are for me. A short time later, Dancing In The Dragon's Jaws and
    a shortened single of Wondering Where the Lions Are were released in the US on Millenium Records. Upon hearing the song on WSAM in Saginaw, Michigan, I immediately went to the local record store and bought both the album and the 45. I was disappointed that it only went to number 39 on that station's chart. I don't remember what it did on Billboard.

    [During the concert] the song Hoop Dancer fascinated me as a writer of poetry because it was the first I heard of many Bruce would do that has the form of a poetry performance with music, as opposed to being sung. I must admit that, after collecting all his albums up through Dancing In The Dragon's Jaws during the summer of 1980 (not easy in the US in those days), I was shocked by Humans, Inner City Front and the news of his divorce, and felt that a world I had come to love in a short time was crumbling. In general, I did not like the new musical currents of the early 80s. They seemed a return to everything plastic we had turned our backs on in the 1960s, with a new violent twist. But at this concert, I could see, hear and feel that the warmth I had felt from Bruce's music was still very much present.



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