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DATE: 11 February 2002
VENUE/SHOW: The River Music Hall
LOCATION: Haverhill, MA, USA
SHOW COMMENTS: Radio performance plus interview



Submitted by Jay Tuccolo, who was fortunate enough to be at the taping:

This was Bruce's third appearance in Haverhill. He best remembered the last visit for being ambushed in the parking lot by some overly enthusiastic fans wanting a photo. He discussed the inspiration - visiting Guatemalan refugee camps in South Mexico - for If I Had A Rocket Launcher. Not surprising was Bruce's initial reservations on releasing the song, for fear of people misinterpreting it as a call for vigilante style violence. In the end, the "crime of self censorship" was a greater threat than misinterpretation. While tuning, he acknowledged Patty Griffin's help on the opening track to his new album [My Beat] by saying it will "suffer conspicuously from the absence of Patty Griffin's great backup vocals but ahh...tough I'm going to sing it anyway".

Bruce further discussed Patty Griffin and the first time he "really heard her sing". Bruce went on to discuss the black gospel group Fair Field four based out of Nashville. They sang backup on Anything, Anytime, Anywhere.

Bruce discussed the Jerry Garcia Band covering Waiting For A Miracle,and his meeting with Jerry, who apologized for screwing-up his lyrics. "He seemed like a pretty good guy actually on the strength of the vibe of one meeting." Interviewer Bob Stuart asked Bruce to tell the story behind Night Train, which was inspired by the psychotropic effects of Absinthe, a liqueur distilled from a variety of natural herbs including Wormwood. Night Train was written while partaking. Last song of the session was Peggy’s Kitchen Wall. "I don't think it's on the album.... if it's not it should be", Bruce commented.

Bob Stuart asked about the next album of new songs and hinted around to a fall release. Bruce said he's "got a bunch of songs ready to go" but he refrained from giving an estimated release date... we will all just have to wait. Bruce took the time to talk to everybody in the studio audience. He signed autographs and was very gracious. He is a class act... the real deal.

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