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-- 18 April 2010 --

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18 April 2010


Rio Theatre


Santa Cruz, CA, USA

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Submitted by Joseph Siegel. The setlist scan and ticket stub are from Rick Hindman. The following comments were gleaned from Humans:

Scene setting quote from my 21 year-old stepson: "My God, every old hippie in Santa Cruz came out of the hills for this concert!"

The first new instrumental had a haunting introduction, a lot of reverb and echo and the striking of what looked to be a Tibetan prayer bowl with a great tone. It was introduced: "This is a as-yet-to-be titled piece. If you have a good idea, write it on the back of a $100 bill and pass it forward." After more tuning: "OK, a $20."

Bohemian Three Step is a new song that varies from happy bright bits to dark bits, and in which Bruce uses the huge, deep hanging chimes.

Call Me Rose was introduced as follows: "This is not a typical song for me as I usually write in first person and my songs are autobiographical about stuff I do day to day. I just woke up with this song mostly finished in my head. I don't really know where it came from... well I have my suspicions... Remember back in one of the Bush eras where they briefly tried to clean up Richard Nixon? Someone thought, 'I wonder if we can rehabilitate Nixon's image?' and they hired a PR firm or something and found out the answer was NO. But for a year it was Nixon this and Nixon that. I think this song was me trying to picture what the rehabilitation of Richard Nixon would look like." It's a song about a single mom living in the projects. The opening line is "My name used to be Richard Nixon, but now I'm a girl."

Each One Lost is a new song about a ramp ceremony. This is where Canadians publically mourn their fallen soldiers with ramp ceremonies that the media covers (imagine that!). Bruce was visiting his brother in Afghanistan while he was over there as an army doctor and they got caught in a ramp ceremony. Bruce described how they bring the two coffins down the ramp from the plane and the whole base lined up to mourn and pay respect. He found it terribly moving.

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