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-- 28 April 2010 --

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28 April 2010


University Theatre


Missoula, MT, USA

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Submitted by Frank Kromkowski:

Each One Lost is a new song about a ramp ceremony. This is where Canadians publically mourn their fallen soldiers with ramp ceremonies that the media covers. Bruce was visiting his brother in Afghanistan while he was over there as an army doctor and they got caught in a ramp ceremony. Bruce described how they bring the two coffins down the ramp from the plane and the whole base lined up to mourn and pay respect.

Bruce, thank you for a moving, exquisite performance last night in Missoula. Thanks for bringing your experiences, music and heart and love, once again, to the secret parts of our souls.

David DeChambeau also submitted the following:

Bruce's last piece for his encore at the Missoula show was All The Diamonds. A lady came up and put a piece of paper on the stage with the request on it, and Bruce said he would "take it under consideration". He ended up doing it as his piece of the evening.

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