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-- 30 April 2010 --

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30 April 2010


Capitol Theatre


Olympia, WA, USA

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Submitted by Lynda Hillman:

As expected, it was a splendid show: incredible guitar mastery and musicianship.

Christopher James also comments:

Bruce’s voice was the most powerful I’d experienced. It was great to introduce a good friend in Tacoma to him as well. We’d seen Bruce in Northampton in 2008 (which was captured on the Slice Of Life CD), and in Albany, NY the year before. Strange Waters had special meaning for me, as it was one of my “shelter songs” during 1999 when my mother was dying of cancer and receiving hospice care. My Tacoma friend also loved the song, and particularly enjoyed the difference in refrain “lose my grip” in one verse and “loose my grip” in another, which have totally different connotations.

The new song about Richard Nixon being reincarnated as a single mom living in a housing project [Call Me Rose] was hilarious, poignant, and I hope true. I agree with one of the Eugene commenters about the chimes. The highlights, in addition to Strange Waters, were Beautiful Creatures, If A Tree Falls, Child Of The Wind and Stolen Land.

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