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-- 6 April 2011 --

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6 April 2011


Community Auditorium


Thunder Bay, ON, Canada

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Small Source of Comfort tour; Support - Jenny Scheinman; Band - Gary Craig on percussion, Jenny Scheinman on violin

Bruce in Thunder Bay
Bruce in Thunder Bay


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The photos are by Mike Klomp, and the setlist was submitted by Gord Ellis who also contributed the following:

The interesting additions to the standard Small Source of Comfort tour list were three new ones: Called Me Back, Driving Away and Boundless. All three sounded great, and were greatly enhanced by the presence of Jenny on vocal harmony and various instruments, and Gary Craig, who is simply a phenomenon on the percussion.

Bruce was in a good mood and in great form. He spoke more than he had in the past few years. At one point, he talked about how spring had come to the city. Someone in the crowd said something about how "you should have been here a few days ago" (we had a blizzard). Bruce smiled and said something like "You're just waiting for the next big slap."

Bruce also made some cracks about how some new songs would be "inflicted" on us, or words to that effect.

The crowd was one of the smallest I've ever seen at a Cockburn concert at the auditorium. Less than half a house. Yet through the years, Thunder Bay has rarely had a full house for Bruce. But the crowd was VERY enthusiastic and ate it all up. Lots of whoops, whistles and much warm applause. He also got much media attention with a big picture in the paper the next day.

My two personal highlights were Arrows Of Light, with Bruce on the dulcimer, and All The Diamonds, which is truly an ageless hymn of faith and hope.

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