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-- 8 April 2011 --

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8 April 2011


Grand Theatre


Kingston, ON, Canada

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Small Source of Comfort tour; Support - Jenny Scheinman; Band - Gary Craig on percussion, Jenny Scheinman on violin

Bruce in Kingston



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Submitted by Nancy Bouwma:

It's been quite a while since we've been treated to one of Bruce Cockburn's concerts here in our home town of Kingston, ON. Bruce commented himself that this was his first time viewing the extensive renovations that have taken place over the past few years and that "it's nice in here". We found our seats in the front row and were pleased to see that with the new seating arrangements we were only about 10 feet from the spot where Bruce would be playing.

Jenny Scheinman opened the show with six of her own original songs expertly plucked and bowed on her fiddles. Her pleasing voice and relaxed stage presence were an excellent way to start off the night. Much to our delight Gary Craig joined Jenny on her last several numbers playing what looked like an African drum accompanied by his jangling, dancing skull bell apparatus while Jenny sang what she labelled a lovely "murder ballad". I am a little biased where Gary is concerned, because I have had so many opportunities to see him up close and personal, but I would honestly say that he is one of the world's premier percussionists. I love to watch and hear his unbridled energy and joy as he produces the rhythms with such precision and artistry.

After a brief intermission (which some audience members felt was not so brief as they stamped their feet and clapped their hands to get the show going) Bruce took to the stage with Jenny and Gary joining him.

As luck would have it Annabelle Chvostek happened to be in the area and she joined Bruce on stage for Driving Away and Boundless. I felt fortunate to be able to hear these two songs performed right in front of us with the original artists. There is a note that Bruce and Annabelle hit together that sends chills when listening to the CD, to hear it in person is a whole different powerful experience. The chimes were on stage and much more elaborate than I remember them being in the past. Remember when Bruce would just give them a random kick once in a while? They are now rigged up with foot pedals, probably because they are much larger and heavier than previous shows.

I was really drawn in by the slower version of Strange Waters as well, it was mesmerizing especially with the special lighting effects on stage. Another highlight was watching Bruce sing the new song about Richard Nixon, Call Me Rose, live. There was a slightly detectable smirk on his face the whole time he was singing it and I had to wonder if it's because he's wondering how many people are "getting" this song.

Overall it looked as though Bruce is still thoroughly enjoying himself on stage. He seemed energized, enough to do a long stretch of signing and greeting after the show. We were thrilled to once again have the opportunity to speak with him, as was our daughter who recently had the words "some kind of ecstasy got a hold on me" tattooed on her neck. Bruce got a kick out of seeing it and said that he supposed kids have come home with worse things tattooed on themselves. We had the set-list from the stage and he signed it for our daughter Wendy. A very memorable evening to be sure.

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