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-- 2 June 2011 --

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2 June 2011


Uptown Theatre


Napa, CA, USA

Show comments:

Small Source of Comfort tour; Support - Jenny Scheinman; Band - Gary Craig on percussion, Jenny Scheinman on violin



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Setlist submitted Alistair Roberts, with anonymous additions. And George Leonard contributes the following:

Having seen Bruce many times in many locations, this show was something special. Bruce looked fit and energetic, and really into it. Jenny and Bruce and Gary played their souls out on stage, the interplay was beautiful. The sound was magnificent and every word was understood. Mighty Trucks Of Midnight, Arrows Of Light, Each One Lost, Call It Democracy, Waiting For A Miracle, Mango, all standouts. The Uptown is a great venue for Bruce, perfect sound and just a beautiful theater all around. There was even a meet and greet after the show. Can't wait to see him again at Kate Wolf.

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