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-- 24 March 2011 --

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24 March 2011


Community Theatre


Kelowna, BC, Canada

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Small Source of Comfort tour; Support - Jenny Scheinman; Band - Gary Craig on percussion, Jenny Scheinman on violin



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Submitted by Bob:

The show was wonderful, a real feast of golden oldies but surprisingly by my count only 7 songs from Small Source of Comfort. Gary Craig was as solid as ever on percussion and Jenny Scheinman was a revelation playing a hugely well received opening set (never played solo before, she said…) which included using an iPhone as a drone for one of her songs. The same drone was used again in Bruce's set.

Bruce didn't talk much (too many songs, he said). He opened with Last Night Of The World and then took a big sigh at the end announcing "First song, first night - over!!"

Right at the end during the encore, the tech brought out the electric guitar which Bruce hadn't used all night and I wondered if Radium Rain was coming - but he never picked it up

The Kelowna crowd were with him from the moment he stepped out and he honestly didn't disappoint at all (missed a few lyrics from Call It Democracy). The trio sounded full - Bruce occasionally used an octave pedal to fill in the bass end without a bass player. Jenny played violin, mandolin and mandocello. Bruce's playing was, as usual, faultless.

If this was the first night, I'd just love to be at the last night also. I took some friends from England whose experience of Bruce started just last week when I let them listen to Small Source of Comfort. They are now besotted! They were utterly blown away with the gig and it was great to see their response to the show and the delight in finding a new 'hero'! Great night.

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