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-- 9 May 2011 --

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9 May 2011


Birchmere Musical Hall


Washington, DC, USA

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Small Source of Comfort tour; Support - Jenny Scheinman; Band - Gary Craig on percussion, Jenny Scheinman on violin



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Submitted by Jasenn Robertson, Jim Heald, Jeff Trice and Mark Caicedo who contributes the following:

Bruce's show on May 9th at the Birchmere was among the best I've seen from him (and I've seen a few going back to '81). Other than fellow Canadian, Neil Young, I can't think of any other musical artist who is as fresh, vital, and entertaining to watch make music in these later years of their careers. This night, Bruce, Jenny and Gary were definitely "on". I've seen the show opener Last Night Of The World performed several times over the last few years, but the trio found a groove immediately and the song simply took off. If one subscribes to the notion of a concert as one song (again, a la Mr Young), then the whole evening progressed as one beautiful, and satisfying, symphony.

Jenny's violin on Mango made the song even more seductive than it already is. The song I was hoping for Strange Waters was fantastic, with its new chording, pacing and rhythm. We got a wonderful treat when Annabelle Chvostek joined Bruce to sing Boundless and Driving Away. But the absolute highlight of the evening was Arrows Of Light. At one point during the middle jam, Bruce and Jenny looked at each other across the stage with huge grins on their faces. I think they knew they nailed the song. At that point the audience had started yelling out song titles. It was all I could do to refrain from shouting, "Do that one again!" From there we just floated back down to the ground ending with the wonderful Gifts, its delicate melody and gorgeous lyrics providing the sweetest, softest landing you can imagine.

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