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-- 10 September 2011 --

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10 September 2011




Carrboro, NC, USA

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Small Source of Comfort tour; Solo show




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Submitted by Jim Cox.

On stage, prior to the show, the following instruments were set up: resonator guitar; baritone guitar; 12-string guitar; 6-string guitar; second 6-string guitar; dulcimer; a set of Tibetan bowls and 4 banks of large wind chimes. Bruce played the dulcimer on Arrows Of Light, the resonator guitar on The Comets Of Kandahar, and the baritone guitar for All The Diamonds and Gifts. He played the 12-string for Call Me Rose, God Bless The Children, and Put It In Your Heart. The rest of the songs were played on one or the other of the two 6-strings. He played the chimes on Boundless, and The Comets Of Kandahar. He played the Tibetan bowls from time-to-time during Elegy, with his right hand, while plucking an open string with his left.

Prior to Each One Lost, Bruce talked about his trip to Afghanistan, where his brother John was serving as an Army doctor. He noted that, although he has been in many war zones over the years, this was the first time he had been in a war zone in the company of other Canadians. Bruce said that he got a "fantastic impression of our people there". However, while you could enjoy some experiences, it was still a war zone – "an ocean of pain" and that one was "never far from the reality" of war. While he was at the Kandahar air base, two Canadian soldiers were killed by an improvised explosive device. The solemn ceremony commemorating their sacrifice is part of Each One Lost.

In a lighter moment, Bruce described a scene from the movie "Little Big Man" – an unscripted moment that became part of the final cut of the film.

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