-- After The Rain --
13 June 1979. Toronto, Canada.

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Dancing in the Dragon's Jaws (1979) & (2002)

Bruce Cockburn Live (1990) & (2002)

After the rain in the streets light flows like blood
I can just taste salt on the humid wind

Here comes that gasoline
Spreading hungry rainbow over shiny black tar

I'm blown like smoke and blind as wind
Except for when your love breaks in

Maybe to those who love is given sight
To pierce the wall of seeming night
And know it pure beyond all imagining

Engine throb street cruise light bullet car flash
Hollow beauty night gleam oily river tension glass

Ultraflame! Glittering dust falling in slow motion
Clouds tumbling one over another into apparent emptiness

It's like a big fist breaking down my door
I never felt such a love before

Maybe to those who love it's given to hear
Music too high for the human ear
And clear as hydrogen to go singing

Known comments by Bruce Cockburn about this song, by date:

  • 30 October 2005 -

    [paraphrasing a comment made at a live performance]
    One thing he said that I have never heard him mention before was that "After The Rain" was his attempt at a Bee Gees tune. He said that if you listen to it carefully you will notice that it's a disco tune without the bass line.

    -- from the The Gothic Theatre show in Denver 30 October 2005. Submitted by Graham Knight.

  • circa 1977 -

    [paraphrasing a comment made at a live performance]
    Bruce: This is another new song (I seem to be throwing alot of new songs at you tonight). This is a fairly, uh... whats the word? Its not really abstract, obscure maybe, in terms of lyrics. What it's about to me is sort of the destruction of the personality by love; personality and ego and all the things involved in that. Its also about driving through the city streets on a rainy night. Its called "After The Rain."

    -- He spoke about it during his "Circles In The Stream" concert. Submitted to the CockburnProject by Julian Morin, early 2010

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