-- On A Roll --
San Francisco - 27 July 2020 (unrelased)

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Howl of anger ó howl of grief
Here comes the heat ó thereís no relief
Social behavior beyond belief

Throw those punches ó drop that ball
Commit to nothing ó excuse it all
Here comes the future ó here comes the fall

Time takes its toll
But in my soul
Iím on a roll

The wolf has fixed you with its stare
Finality is hard to bear
Continue breathing ó and beware

Eat whatís before you ó pay the bill
There goes your bonehouse right down that hill
Time waits for no one and never will

Time takes its toll
But in my soul
Iím on a roll

I had a dream ó there was a storm
And all the earth was without form
The sun was cold ó the ether warm
Pressure building left and right
Timer ticking just out of sight
Iím taking shelter in the light

Time takes its toll
But in my soul
Iím on a roll.

All songs by Bruce Cockburn, c 2020 Holy Drone Corp

Editors Note:

FOUR NEW SONGS is a video demo, made in January and February of 2121. Recording was done at Yahiro Barn Studio in San Francisco. The expectation is that in the fullness of time there will be an album containing these songs and others yet to be written. If live shows were possible they would be showing up in the repertoire. Since that isnít happening, here they are...

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