-- Twilight on the Champlain Sea (released on iTunes) --


Pigeon on a railing looking down at the river
River that flows where there used to be sea
So long ago nobody remembers
Just these shells you dig up where there used to be trees
After every conversation with someone I want to know
It's like I didn't take enough of them or leave enough of me
I'm just too hungry

Sun goes off the water, there's a ring around the moon
All-embracing darkness will be taking over soon
There's a cloud of witness in the houses, hills and passing cars
The cameras, cops and voyeurs who all want to be pop stars
There's a kink in my dick that started when my baby said goodbye
Still I thank her now for reminding me how I always loved the sky
I'm an air sign after all

Respect, okay, but that's a basic human right
Everybody gets that until they prove they're not entitled
I want something more from you and I don't mean casual sex
That never really worked for me, maybe in my next life
A water-logged sponge is how the mirror paints my face
A troll under that pigeon's bridge curled in his hiding place
I jam my hat hard on my head to hold that monster down
Just can't shake the feeling you and I could once be found
In the same skin
In the same skin

Editors Note: This song is available on iTunes Canada now (18 July 2006) and soon to be available in other online song download sites. It may be recorded on the Japanese version on Life Short Call Now.

Transcription of the lyrics by Martin Monkman.

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