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(#14) Performance Venues in Toronto: Massey Hall

Massey Hall

Located at 178 Victoria St., on the corner of Shuter and Victoria streets (just off Yonge), Massey Hall was the location where the live album Circles In The Stream was recorded on 8 and 9 April 1977. Massey Hall is a stately concert hall with a 2,800 seat capacity and is considered one of the most important performance venues in Canada.

It was built by industrial baron Hart Massey as a memorial for his son Charles Albert Massey. Opening in 1894, the Hall has hosted concerts, boxing matches, ballets, and many other forms of entertainment. Bruce has performed here many times.

A number of other live albums by other artists have been recorded here, such as Rush's "All The World's A Stage", and Gordon Lightfoot's "Sunday Concert". In fact, Gordon Lightfoot has made the most solo appearances at the Hall of any performer. In 1975, Massey Hall was booked for a week for a film about Bob Dylan, which has still never been released.

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