-- Circles in the Stream (1977) & (2005)--

Track Listing:
Click song titles to see lyrics, other albums the song appears on, and known comments by Bruce Cockburn on the song. Track lengths are not guaranteed as they occasionally change with format (i.e. CD/vinyl) and release version. * Denotes bonus tracks on the remastered CD version released by Rounder Records in June 2005.

[1] The Pipes the Pipes (1:32)
[2] Starwheel (3:40)
[3] Never So Free (3:46)
[4] Deer Dancing Round a Broken Mirror (4:10)
[5] Homme Brûlant (6:05)
[6] Free to Be (2:29)
[7] Mama Just Want to Barrelhouse All Night Long (4:07)
[8] Cader Idris (5:37)
[9] Arrows of Light (4:03)
[10] One Day I Walk (3:16)
[11] Love Song (4:48)
[12] Red Brother Red Sister (3:54)
[13] Lord of the Starfields (5:27)
[14] All the Diamonds (2:32)
[15] Dialogue With the Devil (8:37)
[16] Joy Will Find a Way (4:05)
[17] God Bless the Children (4:50)
[18] Deer Dancing Round A Broken Mirror> (?) *

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Album Info:

Words and music by Bruce Cockburn except Starwheel words and music Bruce and Kitty Cockburn

Published by Golden Mountain Music Corp (SOCAN)

The musicians are:
Robert Boucher: bass
Pat Godfrey: electric piano, marimbas and vocals
P.M. Doug Mackay: bagpipes
Bill Usher: percussion and voice
Bruce Cockburn: acoustic and electric guitars, dulcimer, vocals

Recorded in concert at Massey Hall, Toronto April 8 + 9, 1977

House sound and stage monitoring by Westbury.
Remote recording: Fedco
Tour manager: Rob Bennett
Produced by Eugene Martynec for True North Productions
Mixed at Eastern Sound, Toronto
Engineer: Ken Friesen
Album cover/photo: Bart Schoales
Inside photograph: Skip Dean
Art direction: Bart Schoales

Restoration + Re-mastering: Peter J. Moore at the E Room

Known comments by Bruce Cockburn about this album, by date:

  • Circa 1986

    "The rediscovery of jazz at the time of the "Joy" [Joy Will Find A Way] album went on here. First time I had the nerve to involve musicians who were conspiciously superior to myself as players. Started thinking in terms of group performance in this period, too. "Circles" is a record of the first Bruce Cockburn band."
    -- from the World Of Wonders Tour Program, circa 1986. Submitted by Rob Caldwell.

  • Spring 1993

    James Jensen: At that point [referring to the first few albums] were you touring as a solo or with a band?

    BC: I was hardly touring at all. I played in bands for the second half of the sixties but by the end of the sixties I was doing mostly solo work and the touring those days was pretty limited for me, I had like four or five places I could go. When the first album got out and things gradually built up I began traveling alot. I lived the first half of the seventies out of a camper truck and went back and forth across Canada, I didn't play outside Canada really. Little by little I built up an audience, but it wasn't until the album "In the Falling Dark" came out that I had got sufficiently fed up with my own company and thought I better start adding people to the stage show. That folkie /jazzy group is the one on "Circles in the Stream" the live album from 1977, that was the first band I had.
    -- from an Interview by James Jensen at Sunset Sound, Los Angeles, circa Spring 1993.

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