-- In The Falling Dark (1976) & (2002) --

Track Listing:
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* Denotes bonus tracks on the remastered CD version released by Rounder Records in 2002.

[1] Lord of the Starfields (3:22)
[2] Vagabondage (4:17)
[3] In the Falling Dark (4:50)
[4] Little Seahorse (4:30)
[5] Water into Wine (5:30)
[6] Silver Wheels (4:41)
[7] Giftbearer (4:39)
[8] Gavin's Woodpile (8:00)
[9] I'm Gonna Fly Some Day (4:02)
[10] Festival of Friends (4:38)
[11] Red Brother Red Sister * (4:16)
[12] Untitled Guitar * (8:46)
[13] Shepherds * (7:15)
[14] Dweller By A Dark Stream * (4:18)

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Album Info:

Apologies to Tommy Graham who played tambora on "Joy Will Find a Way" and got no credit for it-and to Mose and Heather Scarlett who sang on the same album.

Thanks to "Encounter 76"-the messages were deeply appreciated and the money put to good use.

recorded at Eastern Sound, Toronto, September-November 1976
produced by Eugene Martynec for True North Productions
engineer Ken Friesen
front cover photo Arnaud Maggs
back cover photo Ted Grant
art direction Bart Schoales

[The musicians and vocalists were:
Bruce Cockburn: voice, guitars, dulcimer
Michael Donato: bass
Bob Disalle: drums
Bill Usher: percussion
Kathryn Moses: flutes, piccolo
Jørn Anderson: percussion
Dennis Pendrith: bass
Fred Stone: fluegelhorn, trumpet
Luke Gibson: background vocals
Lyn Macdonald: background vocals
Erin Malone (of Killaloe): background vocals

All songs written by B. Cockburn
© 1976 Golden Mountain Music Corp. (SOCAN) (BMI)
All Rights Reserved Used by Permission.
Digitally Remastered by Vic Anesini, Sony Studios,NY.

Remaster Info:
Digitally remastered at the E Room in Toronto by engineer Peter Moore, utilizing 24-bit technology.
New liner note essay written by Nicholas Jennings.
Released by Rounder Records, 19 November 2002.

19 November 2002 - From Rounder Records: Originally released in 1976, "In the Falling Dark" was the first of a trilogy of recordings that bridged Bruce Cockburn's acoustic work of the early '70s with his electric period a decade later. It's a landmark album, one that announced Cockburn's arrival as an important songwriter. But it's also a generative recording, planting the creative seeds that came to fruition fully on the subsequent studio albums Further Adventures Of and Dancing in the Dragon's Jaws. With its compelling songs and majestic sweep, "In the Falling Dark" is the perfect place to discover the impressive range of Bruce Cockburn's artistry. Produced by Eugene Martynec.

Known comments by Bruce Cockburn about this album, by date:

  • Circa 1986

    "The rediscovery of jazz at the time of the "Joy" album went on here. First time I had the nerve to involve musicians who were conspiciously superior to myself as players. Started thinking in terms of group performance in this period, too. "Circles" is a record of the first Bruce Cockburn band."
    -- from the World Of Wonders Tour Program, circa 1986. Submitted by Rob Caldwell.

  • 3 April 1992

    "It wasn't really until the latter part of the 70's that I started to seriously want to work outside of Canada," he said. "We did a little bit when In the Falling Dark came out on Island here, which was the next sort of big record. It was the first time we actually had a real release here, and it got sort of a good little buzz happening around it, but we were never able to parlay it into much more than that. But I did do some club work around the northeast United States." (The album became Cockburn's first to chart in the U.S., getting to number 191, according to Cash Box magazine's listing.)
    -- from "Bruce Cockburn: A Burning Light and All the Rest", by William Ruhlmann, Goldmine, 3 April 1992. Anonymous Submission.

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