-- Further Adventures Of... (1978) & (2002)--

Track Listing:
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* Denotes bonus tracks on the remastered CD version released by Rounder Records late 2002.

[1] Rainfall (3:49)
[2] A Montreal Song (4:07)
[3] Outside a Broken Phone Booth With Money in my Hands (4:57)
[4] Prenons la Mer (2:38)
[5] Red Ships Take off in the Distance (5:17)
[6] Laughter (3:39)
[7] Bright Sky (4:03)
[8] Feast of Fools (6:46)
[9] Can I Go with You (2:51)
[10] Nanzen Ji (4:45)
[11] Mountain Call * (5:33)

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Album Info:

Thanks for aid and/or inspiration to: Jesus, Kitty, Harvey Cox The Secular City "Feast of Fools'), Farrago Folks, Michael Moorcock (The Cornelius Chronicles), Tony Silverthorn, Tom's Cabin people, and all involved in the making of the album.

vocals, electric and acoustic guitars Bruce Cockburn
drums and percussion Bob DiSalle
electric guitar Eugene Martynec
flute Kathryn Moses
bodhran Martha Nagler
Background Vocals
Bright Sky and Laughter: Beverley Glenn Copeland, Marty Nagler, Tommy
Graham, Brent Tlcomb, Shingoose
Prenons La Mer: Ronny Abramson
Rainfall, Phone booth and Can I go with you: Beverly Glenn Copeland
Feast of Fools: Montreal Song: Shingoose

Words and music by Bruce Cockburn
Published by Golden Mountain Corp. (SOCAN)

Traduction by Marcel Mousette
All songs copyright © Golden Mountain Corp.
*used by permission

Recorded at Eastern Sound, Toronto April-May 1978
Produced by Eugene Martynec for True North Productions
Engineer Ken Frieson, assisted by Peter Holcomb
Album art by Bart Schoales for Harrison Vardley, Los Angeles
Model photographed by Fred Bird, Toronto

Remaster Info:
Digitally remastered at the E Room in Toronto by engineer Peter Moore, utilizing 24-bit technology.
New liner note essay written by Nicholas Jennings.
Released by Rounder Records, 2002.

19 November 2002 - From Rounder Records: "Further Adventures Of" contains some of the most beautifully intricate acoustic guitar work and lyrical mysticism Bruce Cockburn has ever put on record. Originally released in 1978 and now re-mastered for this deluxe reissue, "Further Adventures Of" features standouts such as "Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hands," "Red Ships Take Off in the Distance," and "Feast of Fools." An instrumental bonus track originally recorded for the record, "Mountain Call," is also included. "Further Adventures Of" continues the spirited acoustic jazz of Cockburn's previous recording and finds him in full, exploratory flight. Produced by Eugene Martynec.

Known comments by Bruce Cockburn about this album, by date:

  • Circa 1986

    "Expanded horizons- first tours outside of Canada - Japan, small club circuit in Northeastern U.S. Was told I must be the reincarnation of Kenji Miyazawa, a fine Japanese poet. Sounds good from my end, but what bad things did he do to deserve me? Also was introduced to the work of "Christian" writer Charles Williams, a contemporary of and influence on C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and others. These influences are all over the albums from this time."
    -- from the World Of Wonders Tour Program, circa 1986. Submitted by Rob Caldwell.

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