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(#7) Toronto in Cockburn's Album Art: Restaurant across street from old True North offices

When True North was located on 98 Queen St. E., it was across the street from the cafe, called Emilio's, where the cover photo of Inner City Front was taken. In an interview with Hugh Marsh in the August 1999 issue of Gavin's Woodpile, Marsh said:

"It's a restaurant that was directly opposite where the old True North offices used to be on Queen Street East. Everybody used to go over there for lunch. It was a really nice place with a patio and vineyards. They had great sandwiches, I'd drop into the office to see what was going on and then go over there for lunch. Bruce had gotten guys from the reserves to come in for the photograph. I'm not sure if it was Bruce's idea or the photographer George Whiteside's idea [ed. note- photographer actually listed as Bart Schoales, George Whiteside is credited with the back cover sunset photo]."

In January 2001, the building directly across the street from 98 Queen St. had been recently torn down. I'm not sure if that's the building where the restaurant was. Regardless, the restaurant doesn't seem to be there anymore, as the neighboring building was mostly vacant and apparently in the process of being renovated.

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