Bruce Cockburn & Toronto: A Historical Tour

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(#8) Past Areas of Residence in Toronto: Queen St./McCaul St. area

Queen/McCaul area

In 1969, Bruce and his wife Kitty moved to Toronto from the Ottawa area. They shared an apartment with singer/songwriter Murray McLauchlan and his wife Patty near the intersection of Queen and McCaul Streets.

Murray had met Bruce through Brent Titcomb, who played in the band 3's A Crowd (which Bruce was a member of for a time). In Murray's autobiography Getting Out Of Here Alive: The Ballad of Murray McLaughlan, he describes the cicumstances: Queen/McCaul area

"Brent's house over on Bishop Street near the village was the general hangout for everyone associated with that scene, and I wound up over there quite a lot."

Bruce would often be there too. Murray writes:

"I heard a lot of Bruce's early songs around that table for the first time -- Together Alone, Goin' To The Country, One Day I Walk were all songs I jammed on while I was there. I guess I got to know Bruce more than just to say hello to on a casual basis during those nights at Brent's house."

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Read the ghost story, excerpted from Murray's excellent autobiography.

Bruce's wife Kitty and Murray's wife Patty found the apartment the couples ended up sharing but, unfortunately, it seemed to be haunted. They were so unsettled (and basically freaked out) that they didn't stay long.

Murray and his wife temporarily moved in with Bernie Finkelstein, while Bruce and Kitty left Toronto altogether and began travelling back and forth across the country by camper (with at least one winter spent back in Toronto, as they lived across the street from Eugene Martynec during the recording of High Winds White Sky in 1971).

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