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DATE: 30 November 2003
Hamilton Palace
Hamilton, ON, Canada
SHOW COMMENTS: Band: Julie Wolf - keyboards, accordian, and backing vocals; Steve Lucas - bass; Ben Riley - drums.


  • If A Tree Falls
  • Tried And Tested
  • Lovers In A Dangerous Time
  • Mighty Trucks Of Midnight
  • Southland Of The Heart
  • Put It In Your Heart
  • Let The Bad Air Out
  • All Our Dark Tomorrows
  • Trickle Down


  • All The Ways I Want You
  • Wait No More
  • Open
  • Night Train
  • Call It Democracy
  • You've Never Seen Everything
  • To Raise The Morning Star
  • Last Night Of The World


  • Don't Feel Your Touch
  • Tell The Universe
  • Lord Of The Starfields
  • Wondering Where The Lions Are


    Submitted by Emmett & Ann Pierce, who also provided the photos.

    A very sparse crowd — the theatre holds approximately 2,200; we estimated about 600 in attendence. Bruce wasn't as talkative as he was when we saw him on the first night of the tour in Brantford, but did seem as relaxed. The band was superb — Julie's harmony vocals & keyboards really add extra colour to the sound. The instrumental breaks on To Raise The Morning Star were exceptional — as they went back into the song at the end, I had almost forgotten what song they were playing.

    Bruce told the audience that we would be guinea pigs for a new song that they had been working on (Tell The Universe
    ) "for Bush and his cronies who feel there's not enough pain in the world".

    As we were leaving the theatre for the lobby at the end of the show, we spotted Ani Difranco, who was nice enough to sign an autograph and chat with us for a minute.

    Also submitted by Sean Palmerston, who contributes the following sample of lyrics from Tell The Universe:

    "Tell the universe what you've done / Out in the desert with your smoking gun / Looks like you've been having too much fun / Tell the universe what you've done."

    Marc Olszewski adds that the chorus went roughly:

    "You've been projecting your shit at the world... You can self-destruct, that's your right / But keep it to yourself if you don't mind."


    FORMAT: Audience
    QUALITY: Excellent
    COMMENTS: Information contributed by Farley, Bobbi Wisby and Lee Rutty

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