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DATE: 27 June 2004
Solar Music Festival
Taos, NM, USA

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Kimberly Schavey: Bruce sang his new song about Baghdad on Sunday at the Taos Solar Music Festival. I think he said it was the first time he had performed it. It is a powerful, sad, non-violent song. So many Americans are experiencing deep shame about the state of affairs in Baghdad that I believe this song could help us to carry our heads higher, and to renew our commitments to non-violence and justice for everyone.

It was a solo gig (I always miss Julie and the rest of the band), and he opened with Wondering Where The Lions Are. The audience standing in the open dance area sang total back-up on the chorus all through the song. He encouraged us to sing along with him on every song. I have never been with a Bruce audience that knew so many of the lyrics to every song. Folks who were not yet familiar with You've Never Seen Everything were laughing and
squealing as they heard the lyrics on Trickle Down. Any man who can include the phrase "sweatshop subjugation" in a song gets my vote for Performer Laureate!

The festival was very well run, and so Bruce was only given so many minutes (I think about 75) for his set. However, our applause was so deafening that the announcer could not be heard. The performers on the alternate, local performer stage just had to stand around while Bruce did an encore. By this time it had started to rain. Through grace, the rain shifted to an east/west pattern, keeping the rain off Bruce's guitar (an hour earlier another rain shower had been in the opposite direction, forcing the former performers off the stage!). After baking in scorching sun for Wondering Where The Lions Are (we had a running bit through the show offering Bruce a hat after each song) and most of the set, he was in awe at our beautiful New Mexican sky. He sang World Of Wonders and so did we.



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