-- World Of Wonders --
June 1985. Toronto, Canada.

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World Of Wonders (1986)

Bruce Cockburn Live (1990) & (2002) [live album]

Slice O Life (2009)

Stand on a bridge before the cavern of night
Darkness alive with possibility
Nose to this wind full of twinkling lights
Trying to catch the scent of what's coming to be (in this...)

World of wonders...

Somewhere a saxophone slides through changes
Like a wet pipe dripping down my neck
Gives me a chill -- sounds like danger
But I can't stop moving till I cross this sector (of this...)

World of wonders...

There's a rainbow shining in a bead of spittle
Falling diamonds in rattling rain
Light flexed on moving muscle
I stand here dazzled with my heart in flames (at this...)

World of wonders...

Moment of peace like brief arctic bloom
Red/gold ripple of the sun going down
Line of black hills makes my bed
Sky full of love pulled over my head

World of wonders...

Known comments by Bruce Cockburn about this song, by date:

  • 15 January 2002

    The acoustic version of World of Wonders that you've been playing in live settings the past few years is a favourite of mine. What prompts you to re-write the music to some of your previously recorded songs, and is there any chance this particular version will show up on a recording in the future?

    Bruce Cockburn: Most of the songs are designed when I write them be workable as a solo or as a band. Sometimes a song is meant for a band and that's what happened with World Of Wonders. The original guitar part doesn't have enough substance to it to be a workable solo so I came up with a different one. There are no plans to put it on an album that way but who knows.
    - from Canoe Online Chat with Bruce Cockburn, 15 January 2002. Submitted by Suzanne D. Myers.

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