-- World Of Wonders (1986) --

Track Listing:
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[1] Call it Democracy (3:50)
[2] Lily of the Midnight Sky (4:44)
[3] World of Wonders (4:45)
[4] Berlin Tonight (7:05)
[5] People See Through You (3:44)
[6] See How I Miss You (4:01)
[7] Santiago Dawn (4:47)
[8] Dancing in Paradise (5:40)
[9] Down Here Tonight (3:54)

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Update: This album was re-released on vinyl, 2 November 2010. True North Records

Album Info: (Source: cd liner notes)

words and music by: bruce cockburn
published by: golden mountain music corp.
© 1985 golden mountain music corp. all rights reserved, used by permission
translation: marcel mousette
recorded at manta sound, toronto, october-november 1985
engineer: john naslen
assisted by: mark baldi
mastering by: bob ludwig, masterdisk, new york
the musicians are:
bruce cockburn - voice, guitars, caharango
judy cade: bckground vocals
jon goldsmith: keyboarads
fergus jemison marsh: bass and stick
hugh marsh: violin · apperas courtesy of duke street recjords
chi sharpe: percussion
michael sloski: drums
michael alan white: trumpet, flugelhorn and conch
background vocals on: "see how i miss you" and "dancing in paradise" - sharon lee williams, shawn jackson, colina phillips, judy cade and kerry crawford
art direction: bart schoales
photography: george whiteside
the finkelstein management company limited
98 queen street east, suite 201
toronto, ontario, canada m5c 1s6
telephone: (416) 364-6040 telex: 065-24566

Produced by Jon Goldsmith and Kenny Crawford for True North Productions

Known comments by Bruce Cockburn about this album, by date:

  • Circa 1986

    "So here we are. We've heard music for feeding Africa, music for freeing the people of South Africa, and we're starting to feel the critical backlash. Don't let the cynics get you down. Good happens all over the place. It's not just concerned with publicity. You throw the stone in the water and the circles spread - you can't tell what they pass through or where they'll stop."
    -- from the World Of Wonders Tour Program, circa 1986. Submitted by Rob Caldwell.

  • Unknown date

    "[For a few albums you became quite political in focus, why has that changed recently?] I think it's a result of not traveling but also out of a desire to not keep repeating myself. I don't think it's necessary to keep on saying the same things even though they still may be true. I can stay involved in certain issues without them coming out in songs. The same process I just described went into writing the political songs as well. If I'm not working with those sort of things for a period of time, or if I'm still working but the novelty's worn off(laughs), then I don't produce those types of songs anymore. It requires a fair amount of emotional justice to get those type of songs going. Let me add to that, the fact, though I didn't think of it at the time, Trouble With Normal, Stealing Fire, and World Of Wonders seemed to be a sort of trilogy. After doing those it seemed like I have said enough about the North-South things. At least until a new experience gives me something to add to it."
    -- from "Bruce Cockburn: The Soul of a Man", by Michael Case, Umbrella magazine, date unknown. Submitted by Nigel Parry.

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