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DATE: 27 August 2006
VENUE/SHOW: 3rd And Lindsley
Nashville, Tennessee, USA
SHOW COMMENTS: Gary Craig on percussion, Julie Wolf on accordion and keyboards.



SetlistSubmitted by Ramcey (the Cuban Hillbilly):

By the time I got in, all the front tables were gone but I shared a table right next to the soundboard and only
10' from the stage. This place is TINY. I was shocked that Bruce would play at this smoky bar, but on this night not a single person smoked inside the whole night! I was SO damn happy about that. Most shows I see there are just terrible with smoke and talking. But not this night. The show would be broadcast live (both sets MINUS the 3 song encore) locally on Lighting 100. Now, I hate this station. They DO play some good artists, but will play one song ONLY, over and over and over and over. I listened to them for about a week when I first moved here and all my music was packed away. Usually, they only broadcast 1 hour of any live performance and then they rush back into the world on obnoxious commercials and same-ol', same-ol'. So when the announcer said that they'd be broadcasting both sets, I was quite stunned.

The place was abuzz with energy and I said hello to Colin Linden as he walked by trying to find a table for he and his lady. He was bummed to find out that a table had NOT been saved for him and his party. I don't know where they ended up but they were there for the duration as I saw him standing outside near Bruce's bus after the show.

TicketsBruce & band ran inside to a HUGE ovation from the rabid audience. Hands-down, this was the best audience I've ever encountered here in over 2 years of shows in Nashville. As expected, Bruce picked up on this energy immediately and never let it go all night.

Bruce put on a wonderful performance tonight. I had been a little worried with all the 'lack of energy' etc. comments from previous reviews. Even on the slow songs Bruce had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand. We hung on every word and after each song the audience would erupt. It was quite startling to me after sitting with so many jaded and spoiled Nashville audiences over the years. There were many world class musicians and songwriters in the house paying their respects to the man.

During the intermission I was standing next to Julie and a guy approaches and hands her a napkin with After The Rain written on it and asks her if she'll give it to Bruce. I wanted to tell him straight up that there wasn't a chance in hell that Bruce would play even a single song not on the setlist, but I didn't want to burst his bubble so I kept my mouth shut. Bruce played two 50 minute sets and then the 3 song encore. He was spot-on, never missing a lyric or a guitar note the whole night. He was into it, and so was the Sunday night audience, most of which have to work tomorrow morning. He ran out the door and into the bus to hide out. Usually, I hang around to say hello but tonight there were so many people waiting that I decided to drive home into the hills and call it a night.

And a great one it was.

Mark Mott adds:

Sound quality of the show a little less than expected. My friend, a BC novice, had a hard time understanding the words. I have seen other shows there and this has not been a problem. The house was pretty packed on a muggy evening and the AC was struggling with the capacity crowd.

On Tell The Universe when BC sang "You can self destruct-that's your right, But keep it to yourself if you don't mind" everyone applauded.

During an extended version of Slow Down Fast, Bruce played electric (Strat?) for the only time of the night. Both he and Julie soloed. What was so unusual, his solo was sometimes atonal and off-tempo, like Ornette Coleman almost, and when Julie followed afterward, she mimicced the behavior a little in her solo. In Mystery, when BC sang "Come all you stumblers who believe love rules, Stand up and let it shine" the crowd stood up.

Julie played accordian on If I Had A Rocket Launcher and my friend said it sounded almost Zydeco.


QUALITY: Excellent

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