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-- 29 August 2012 --

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29 August 2012


Fitzroy Presbyterian Church


Belfast, UK

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Small Source of Comfort tour; Solo show


Bruce in Belfast



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Submitted by Bryan Gormley.

The concert, originally planned for the MAC (Belfast's excellent new arts centre) was held in the gothic surroundings of Fitzroy Presbyterian Church, lending perhaps a particular spiritual resonance to an intimate but powerful performance. Quite an appropriate venue as it turns out given that the minister there, Steve Stockman, has been influential in encouraging Christians to engage in the arts and popular culture - indeed he is a regular figure behind Greenbelt and has introduced Bruce on stage there on at least one occasion.

The set was comprehensive ranging from older songs like God Bless The Children to already classic songs and instrumentals from the current album.

We got talking with Bruce afterwards for some time and he was as gracious, interesting (and interested) and inspiring as he has been on the other occasions I've had the opportunity to chat with him. Hope it's not long before he's back in Belfast or nearby!

The photo is by George Sproule.

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