-- The Trains Don't Run Here Anymore --
(co-written with Bill Hawkins)

Found on:

Slice O Life (2009)

Rumours of Glory - box set Disc 8 (2014) [compilation album]

Rarities (2022) - digital release

This song was co-written by Bill Hawkins.


It takes to long to think of things like leaving.
Iím happy where I am.
I donít know where I am,
But the trains donít go there anymore.

If you want to see me drop a line
Iíll catch it if I can
And give it back to you
And we wonít be lonely anymore,

Now can you see Iím sort of lost here?
With no idea where to go.
You know Iíd send for you
But the trains donít run here anymore.
No the trains donít run here anymore.

  • Editor's note -
    This article referred to a reunion concert that Bruce did with The Children. "He also performed the rarely heard 'The Trains Don't Go There Anymore', a languid piece that brought back memories of darkened coffeehouses."

    -- from "Unbroken Circle", the Ottawa Sun, August, 1997, by Rick Overall. Submitted by Rob Caldwell.

  • Editor's note - 2022: Re-released on digital album Rarities.

    From the liner notes of Rumours of Glory Box Set.

    Bruce Cockburn: 12-string Guitar, Vocal
    Anne Davison: Cello

    Produced by Ian Tamblyn
    Recorded at Studio Happy Rock Studio, Chelsea

    From the album Dancing Alone: Songs Of William Hawkins (True North TND519, 2008)

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