-- Waiting for a Miracle (1987) --
(mostly a compilation album)

Track Listing:
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[disc 1]
[1] Going to the Country (from 'Bruce Cockburn') (3:12)
[2] Musical Friends* (from 'Bruce Cockburn') (2:54)
[3] One Day I Walk (from 'High Winds White Sky') (3:06)
[4] It's Going Down Slow (from 'Sunwheel Dance') (3:31)
[5] Up on the Hillside* (from 'Sunwheel Dance') (3:00)
[6] Feet Fall on the Road* (from 'Sunwheel Dance') (2:41)
[7] Mama Just Wants to Barrelhouse All Night Long (from the film 'Rumours of Glory') (6:24)
[8] All the Diamonds (from 'Sun, Salt, and Time') (2:40)
[9] Burn (from: 'Joy Will Find a Way') (3:50)
[10] Silver Wheels (from 'In The Falling Dark') (4:41)
[11] I'm Gonna Fly Someday* (from 'In the Falling Dark') (4:02)
[12] Vagabondage* (from 'In the Falling Dark') (4:20)
[13] Free to Be* (from 'Circles in the Stream') (2:29)
[14] Laughter (from 'Further Adventures Of') (3:30)
[15] Wondering Where the Lions Are (from 'Dancing in the Dragon's Jaws') (3:09)
[16] Tokyo (from 'Humans') (3:28)
[17] Fascist Architecture (previously unreleased) (4:04)
[18] The Trouble with Normal (previously unreleased) (3:17)

[disc 2]
[1] Rumours of Glory (from the film 'Rumours of Glory') (5:02)
[2] The Coldest Night of the Year (from 'Mummy Dust') (3:58)
[3] Wanna Go Walking* (from 'Inner City Front') (2:52)
[4] You Pay Your Money and you Take Your Chance (from 'Inner City Front') (4:17)
[5] Tropic Moon* (from 'The Trouble With Normal') (4:38)
[6] Candy Man's Gone* (from 'The Trouble With Normal') (4:06)
[7] Lovers in a Dangerous Time (from 'Stealing Fire') (4:06)
[8] If I Had a Rocket Launcher (from 'Stealing Fire') (4:59)
[9] Making Contact* (from 'Stealing Fire') (3:46)
[10] Peggy's Kitchen Wall (from 'Stealing Fire') (3:42)
[11] People See Through You (from 'World of Wonders') (3:44)
[12] Call it Democracy (from 'World of Wonders') (3:50)
[13] See How I Miss You* (from 'World of Wonders') (4:01)
[14] Stolen Land (previously unreleased) (5:23)
[15] Waiting for a Miracle (previously unreleased) (4:48)
* Denotes bonus tracks on Canadian CD version

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Album Info:

All songs written by Bruce Cockburn except Stolen Land which is written by Bruce Cockburn and Hugh Marsh.

All songs published by Golden Mountain Music Corp. (PRO Canada) except "Going to the Country" and "Musical Friends", which is published by Bytown Music Ltd.( PRO Canada)

Traduction par Marcel Moussete

Album compilation by Bruce Cockburn and Bernie Finkelstein for True North Productions.

Compliation engineers: John Naslen, Gary Gray, Michael Duncan
Digital Mastering: Bob Ludwig, Masterdisk, N.Y.
Hugh Marsh appears courtesy of Duke Street Records

Cover Painting: Robert Davidson "Raven Bringing Light to the World"
Photography: George Whiteside
Design Art Direction: Bart Schoales

Known comments by Bruce Cockburn about this album, by date:

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