-- Mummy Dust (1981) --
(mostly a compilation album)

Track Listing:
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[1] Silver Wheels (from 'In the Falling Dark')
[2] Loner
[3] Joy Will Find a Way (from 'Joy Will Find a Way')
[4] Thoughts on a Rainy Afternoon (from 'Bruce Cockburn')
[5] It's Going Down Slow (from 'Sunwheel Dance')
[6] The Coldest Night of the Year
[7] Laughter (from 'Further Adventures of')
[8] Red Brother Red Sister
[9] You Don't Have to Play the Horses (from 'Night Vision')
[10] Dweller by a Dark Stream
[11] All the Diamonds in the World (from 'Salt, Sun and Time')

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Album Info:

All songs written by Bruce Cockburn/All songs published by Golden Mountain Music Corp.
All songs produced by Gene Martynec for True North Productions
Compilation engineered by Gary Gray at Manta Sound, Toronto April 1981
Assisted by Dave Taylor
Mastered by George Graves, The Lacquer Channel, Toronto
Package Artwork & Concept: Bart Schoales
Front Photograph Jorge Zontal
Back Cover Photo: George Whiteside
Special thanks to Bruce Meek

Known comments by Bruce Cockburn about this album, by date:

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