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A Bruce-friendly radio station would probably be best defined as a station that regularly plays Cockburn's music, and interviews him and/or has him perform live when he is in town. Links listed here are not comprehensive, but represent a list of stations that had Cockburn appearances in 1999 and/or 2000. If you are a Bruce-friendly radio station or know of a Bruce-friendly radio station that is not listed here, send the Project Editor an e-mail. A good listing for AAA formats stations:

California KACD, Los Angeles Fully equipped for webcasts in several media formats.
KHUM, Humboldt County 104.3 and 104.7 FM
No longer streaming.
KFOG, San Francisco 104.5 and 97.7 FM
Equipped for RealAudio webcasts.
KMUD, Garberville 91.1, 88.3 and 88.9 FM
Equipped for RealAudio webcasts. Check out the 28 July 2000 interview on this website.
KPIG, Monterey 107.5 FM
Equipped for RealAudio, Windows Media Player, and hi-fi MP3 webcasts. Check out the 24 July 1999 report of a Cockburn appearance on this website.
KRSH, Santa Rosa 95.9 FM
The KRUSH - progressive radio for Sonoma, Napa, and the North Bay. No streaming at this time.
KVMR, Grass Valley/Nevada City 89.5 FM
Equipped for RealAudio,WinAmp, & Live 365.
ColoradoKBCO, Boulder97.3 FM
Equipped for Windows Media Player webcasts. Check out the 8 December 1999 interview on this website.
ConnecticutWKZE, Hudson Valley98.1 FM
Bruce friendly.
District of Columbia XM Satellite Radio, WashingtonSatellite
Channel 50, The Loft, is especially Bruce friendly. Mike Marone, one of the DJ, knows Bruce well from their Rykodisc days together. XM is based in Washington, D.C., but broadcasts 101 digital channels of music, talk and news coast to coast via two satellites - Rock and Roll.
Florida WMNF, Tampa 88.5
Non-profit non-commercial radio station. Very Bruce friendly.
Idaho KBSU-FM, Boise 90.3
Boise State Radio (of which KBSU is a part) has helped to sponsor 2 Bruce concerts.
Illinois WXRT, Chicago 93
Bruce friendly.
Indiana WTTS, Bloomington/Indianapolis 92.3
Bruce interview 8 May 2003.
Kentucky WFPK, Louisville Streams live! Bruce interview 6 May 2003.
Maine WERU-FM, Blue Hill 89.9 FM Blue Hill
102.9 FM Bangor
Check out the 14 March 2000 interview on this website.
Massachusetts WRNR, Annapolis 103.1 Radio Annapolis
No live streaming available.
WBUR, Boston Streams live! Here and Now (regional NPR) interview 6 May 2003.
WXRV, Boston 92.5 "The River"
Bruce friendly.
WUMB, Boston 91.1 Boston
The only 24-hour folk station in the country, we are probably one of the MOST Bruce-friendly station in the U.S.
Michigan WDET FM, Detroit 101.9 FM Detroit
Listen Live with QuickTime or ChainCast.
New York online station Vin Scelsa's Live at Lunch show, New Jersey: From the coming of FM to the Internet revolution, Scelsa has been a professional DJ for over 30 years. What began at WFMU in 1967 continues today at Online broadcasts of three shows live every week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 12 - 3pm ET. Vin Scelsa's "Live at Lunch" is broadcast from Vin's own studio in New Jersey.
WNEW, New York 102.7 FM
Vin Scelsa has a show called Idiot's Delight that has featured Cockburn. The show does not webcast 24/7 but Real Audio archives are available for a limited period if you miss a show.
WFUV, New York 90.7 FM
This is where Vin Scelsa's Idiot's Delight now runs. Also WFUV runs Bruce in regular rotation.
North Carolina WNCW,western North Carolina 88.7 Bruce friendly
Ohio WBWC, Cleveland 88.3
Streams live! 10 May 2003, Bruce Cockburn Mini Marathon - AAA Convention - 10am - 1pm EST. Check here for more details. May 10 is a private performance for the NPR Radio convention being held there.
WKSU, Cleveland ?
Kent State University radios latest website from WKSU,, with host Jim Blum. There is a FanKit page, and on that page it has a suggestion or two for artists, how they can help spread the word about folk alley. Jim plays Bruce's music several times a weekend - his shows are Fri, Sat and Sun from 8pm - 1am.
Oregon KINK, Portland 102 FM
KINK does have occasional webcasts but the station does not appear to be available online 24/7. Read Cockburn's bio on KINK and this January 1997 interview in which Bruce shares his insights on music, politics, and Jerry Garcia.
Pennsylvania WEXT, Albany 97.7FM
Streaming live audio.
WYEP, Pittsburgh 91.3FM
Streaming live audio. Bruce is #2 this week (24 January 2002): mixplay
WXPN, University of Pennsylvania 88.5 FM
Member supported, non-commercial radio from the University of Pennsylvania. Live Streaming with Windows Media Player.
Get your XPN Member Newsletter hot off our virtual presses. Download your copy of XPress and save some trees. This month's feature: Bruce Cockburn! [March 2002]
Texas KGSR, Radio Austin 107.1 FM
Live streaming with Real Player.
KPFT-FM, Pacifica Houston 90.1 FM Music and interviews.
Washington KMTT ("The Mountain"), Seattle Seattle: 103.7 FM
Olympia: 104.1 FM
KMTT is equipped with Windows Media Player for webcasts.
Wisconsin WMMM, Madison 105.5 "Triple M"
Bruce interview 7 May 2003.

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