-- Recommended Albums (Spring 1999) --

The recommended albums list was compiled from a Spring 1999 poll of 24 people from the Humans discussion list and visitors to this website. Voters were asked to nominate their top eight recommended Cockburn albums. Fourth and eighth place were tied. The symbol "*" denotes the album was a compilation album, "**" that it was a live album. One of the reasons for the low voting for compilation albums may have been that some of them were available primarily in either Europe or North America at their time of release and/or are currently unavailable.

If you're new to Cockburn or purchasing albums for others and wondering what to buy, the message is clearly to start with the top scorer 'The Charity Of Night' and work down the list. Since this poll, on 14 September 1999, "Breakfast In New Orleans, Dinner In Timbuktu" was released by Cockburn. In the ongoing poll on this site of first time visitors, Breakfast has been in the top two ever since. See also Cockburn Project Album Sales (1 October 1999 - 12 July 2000) to see what people who visit this site are buying.

All albums except "Resume" and "Rumours Of Glory" are available in the Project's Online store.

top eight spots

Album Title Ranking No. of
out of 24
of possible
The Charity Of Night (1996) 1st 23 votes 96%
Dancing In The Dragon's Jaws (1979) 2nd 20 votes 83%
Humans (1980) 3rd 19 votes 79%
**Circles In The Stream (1977)
Nothing But A Burning Light (1991)
joint 4th 16 votes 67%
Stealing Fire (1984) 6th 11 votes 46%
In The Falling Dark (1976) 7th 9 votes 39%
Sunwheel Dance (1971)
World Of Wonders (1986)
joint 8th 8 votes 33%

runner up spots

The Trouble With Normal (1983)
Dart To The Heart (1994)
joint 10th 7 votes 29%
Salt, Sun and Time (1974)
Inner City Front (1981)
joint 12th 6 votes 25%
Joy Will Find A Way (1975)
Further Adventures Of (1978)
Christmas (1993)
**Bruce Cockburn Live (1990)
joint 14th 5 votes 21%
High Winds White Sky (1971)
*Waiting For A Miracle, Singles 1970-1987 (1987)
joint 18th 4 votes 17%
Night Vision (1973)
*Mummy Dust (1981)
Big Circumstance (1988)
joint 20th 3 votes 13%
Bruce Cockburn (1970)
*Resume (1981)
*Rumours of Glory (1985)
**You Pay Your Money And You Take Your Chance (1997)
joint 23rd 0 votes 0%

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